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Top 10 chiropractors in Rock Hill
Donald Hewetson's Practice has been recognized as one of the top Rock Hill Chiropractic practices.
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I had severe lower back pain and left leg pain. Within 2 days I was able to walk normally and 90% of pain was gone. The care was great and results are fabulous! I would not change a thing in the performance or practice of the clinic.
- K. K.

I had severe lower back pain and I could not stand up or sit down. My pain was instantly relieved and I was able to walk straight up when I left from the first adjustment. Very professional and everybody should try them.
- T. B.

I had migraine headaches, neck pain, stomach pain and lower back pain and problems sleeping. Within the first week my neck pain was almost gone. I no longer suffer from back pain nor headaches. My stomach empties without medication and I am sleeping better. Great care by Dr. Hewetson and his staff and I highly recommend his clinic for everyone.
- L. L.

I had pain in my left leg for about two years. It was much better after just one adjustment. Excellent!!
- M.B.

My left hip was hurting and I went to Dr. Hewetson for treatment. Very good !
- C. B.

I was having severe pain in my legs, back and having headaches. I was also having trouble sleeping. Now with the help of Dr. Hewetson's care and his staff's understanding given to me, I can now sleep better, walk better and even clean up my own house without any help. I recommend the services of Carolina Chiropractic to all.
- M. J.

I was having right hip pain and could hardly walk, drive, sit and even sleep. Dr. Hewetson has attacked my problems with vigor and has given me flexibility in my entire spine and of course, the freedom of pain. Excellent caring, very much sensitivity and a lot of genuine concern for my overall health.
- K. T.

I had a pinched nerve in my neck. It hurt so bad that I couldn't sleep from the pain. I started going to Dr. Hewetson and now it feels great to live without pain. I would recommend Dr. Hewetson to anyone having back or neck pain. I found the staff to be caring and knowledgeable of their profession.
- D. E.

I had stiffness, pain, soreness and loss of strength in my upper and lower neck and back. I felt relief in about the first two weeks. Dr. Hewetson explains everything full and does everything he can to help in the healing and pain. He's undoubtedly the best doctor I have every seen.
- R. B.

I was injured in a car accident which threw my lower back out of place. My back feels 100% better and this allows me to be active in the sports I enjoy. Dr. Hewetson and his staff are very nice and just all around great people. My back is all better and I have Dr. Hewetson to thank for that.
- A. W.

My back, knee and hip were all giving me trouble for several years. Every trip to Dr. Hewetson's has helped me. Good care and the office staff is great!!
- F. P.

I developed lower back pain and couldn't sleep at night. After my initial visit and x-rays, Dr. Hewetson informed me that I had injured my Sacroiliac. After a couple of alignments, the pain had subsided greatly. I look forward to my adjustments because it makes me feel much better all over. My back and neck have never been so flexible.
- T. D.

I had severe pain in my upper back between the shoulder blades, my neck , right arm with tingling in my arm and also hip pain. I no longer have the “knife-like” pain I was experiencing. The tingling has been eliminated and the swelling in my back and neck are becoming less frequent. I have never been to a doctor and clinic who have shown genuine concern for my health as I have experienced at Carolina Chiropractic with Dr. Hewetson. I highly recommend Dr. Hewetson and his staff to anyone with joint problems, muscle problems, etc. Their care and professional expertise has enabled me to enjoy life again.
- D. K.

I had a stiff neck and a pulled muscle in my lower right shoulder. Dr. Hewetson was able to realign several vertebrae. The staff is very professional and friendly.
- D. M.

I had pain in my lower back, shoulder blades, neck and hips. My neck, lower back, middle back and pelvis were placed back in alignment and I received immediate relief of all pain. Also my sinuses immediately cleared and I could breath freely again. I am personally thankful for Dr. Hewetson's concern for my health and my condition. My stress decreased tremendously since I do not hurt anymore. Dr. Hewetson, I thank God for you and the wisdom and knowledge he has given you to help others like me.
- J. N.

I have asthma and I coughed all of the time, especially at night so I didn't sleep very well. After I started getting adjusted by Dr. Hewetson I stopped coughing and I felt relief and could also breath better. I think everybody should go to Dr. Hewetson.
- R. S.

Sleeping at night was difficult due to pain in my lower back. My back is feeling better with the therapy and adjustments and with Dr. Hewetson's help I am improving. Dr. Hewetson is a very good doctor. He takes up quality time with each patient and explains what each therapy exercise does to help in the healing process.
- A. G.

I had bad headaches for about three to four months and was unable to sleep at night. I went to see Dr. Hewetson and now I am able to sleep and even work without the pain that I was in.
- J. J.

I have had migraine headaches for about ten years and couldn't turn my head to the right. After only a week's treatment I didn't have the headaches anymore and was able to turn my head. The care has been excellent!
- N. L.

I have had headaches for years and would get up with one almost every morning. Since being under Dr. Hewetson's care I haven't had a headache in weeks now. The care I have gotten is fantastic and I highly recommend Dr. Hewetson and his staff.
- M. H.

I came to Dr. Hewetson because of my back pain and right leg pain. Also I was having trouble sleeping. I am able to sleep more at night than have no more pain in my back or leg. I would tell anyone to try Dr. Hewetson because of how helpful he has been with my back injury.
- C. S.

I had back pain, leg pain and a bad disposition. I used a cane and crutches to get around. I am feeling super now and can do almost everything like I used too and I am relieved of my pain. Dr. Hewetson is one of the best doctors I have been too. The care is unbelievable.
- J. H.

I had neck soreness, headaches, loss of breath, fatigue and it was hard for me to concentrate and I was restless. I was able to get relief from these symptoms and even blurred vision which I didn't even realize I had. I feel that Dr. Hewetson has done a wonderful job for me and I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.
- R. B.

I had extreme pain in my shoulder blade on the left side with numbness in my left arm and finders. I went to Dr. Hewetson and the feeling in my left arm and hand have returned and I no longer have any pain. Dr. Hewetson and his entire staff wee extremely pleasant and very accommodating. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dr. Hewetson to anyone.
- R. P.

Due to an automobile accident I suffered from whiplash, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, leg pain and lower back pain. As a result of my treatments I felt great relief. His knowledge in chiropractic medicine had me feeling better than ever in no time. Also the staff were extremely helpful and I felt they even went out of their way in helping me on my way to a full recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend the doctor and his staff to any person in need of chiropractic medicine and therapy.
- E. C.

I was in a car accident and in a lot of pain. I couldn't stand up straight. I went to see Dr. Hewetson and now I am feeling much better and can definitely tell an improvement. I think Dr. Hewetson and his staff are great! They really know how to treat their patients!
- D. S.

I was in an automobile accident and went to Dr. Hewetson. My left shoulder and left lower back was hurting so bad I could barely stand the pain from a simple turn or something as bending over to kiss my children. I have total relief from any pain in my shoulder now and only a little pain left in my lower back. Dr. “H” has taken very good care of me. The staff has been great too! I cannot think of any other doctors office that has made me feel that way.
- G. M.

I had chronic headaches, arm and shoulder pain. Now my arm and shoulder pain has been relieved. Dr. Hewetson gave me very good care. He is a very nice person whom I feel that is very sincere in caring for his patients. Also his staff is very friendly and helpful.
- B. L.

I suffered from extremely bad headaches which also affected my neck and shoulders. I am definitely cured now! The way in which I was treated by the whole staff was welcoming and I am thankful that I decided to let Dr. Hewetson and his staff care for me.
- L. M.

I had pain in my left hip and went to see Dr. Hewetson. After several visits I noticed a remarkable improvement and by the end of treatment my pain was gone. As far as my condition, I had great care!
- R. H.

I had bad middle back pain. I felt 95% better after going to Dr. Hewetson. The treatment and the people were great!
- I. N.

I twisted my back while working in the yard and could barely walk, stand or sit. I felt better after the first or second treatment. My neck and shoulder which used to give me pain are not pain free.
- G. B.

I was in a car accident and hurt my neck, back and head and had migraine headaches all of the time. Everything stopped hurting after I had a few adjustments. The migraine headaches stopped. Dr. Hewetson is a very good doctor and I want to thank him and all the staff for helping me get well.
- P. J.

I was having lower back pain for more than a month. I was unable to walk or get out of bed myself. After going to Dr. Hewetson, I had 100% relief! Dr. Hewetson and his staff are absolutely wonderful!
- J. M.

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