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Chiropractic Massage Therapy in Rock Hill: Carolina Chiropractic
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Massage Therapy in Rock Hill

Chiropractic care can help patients to recover from pain and injury without surgery or medication

Chiropractic massage therapy offers many health benefits and can help everyone. While massage provides well needed relaxation, it is also very therapeutic to reduce pain and inflammation in the muscles and ligaments and aids in the recovery from injury and workouts.

Some of the many benefits of chiropractic massage include:

  • Provides overall wellness
  • Addresses postural distortions and misalignments
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves sleep
  • Helps depression and anxiety
  • Bolsters the immune system
  • Supports the body’s natural healing process
  • Increases circulation

Massage therapy goes hand in hand with chiropractic and rehabilitative care

We utilize massage therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care in order to help you achieve optimal results. You will feel better and more relaxed because of our unique integrative approach.  Additionally, massage therapy combined with chiropractic care will help to increase the speed of recovery from injury.

Often, Dr. Donald Hewetson will recommend massage therapy as part of an integrative recovery therapy along with chiropractic adjustments, physical rehabilitation, sports injury rehab, electric muscle stimulation and others.

Chiropractic massage therapy at Carolina Chiropractic

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